Ways Basic Instruction to Planning a Great Baby Shower

So you’re eating with a companion and she trusts in you that she is pregnant. Since you are her closest companion, you will arrange an infant shower for her when she is prepared.

“Baby Showers are a mother-to-be’s right to passage, especially if it is her first baby!” you say. Baby showers have been in existence since the 1940s in America, and they were created so that women could get together and give advice to the mother-to-be. Today, however, there are no set rules as to who is invited or where one is held.

Have your friend register the baby at her favorite shopping location. This can be done almost anywhere: Amazon, Sears, Target, Babys-R-Us, and so on. This will later be put on the invitations that you send.

Decide the theme of the baby shower. Most times this is the same theme as the baby’s nursery. For example ladybugs or whimsical dragons. When this has been decided then everything to do with the baby shower should be theme oriented if possible.

Decide who to invite. Are you only going to invite girlfriends or will it be coed. This is important to know because the food and games will be different depending on what you decide. Guys generally will need real food – something with meat like chicken wings, hamburgers, or hotdogs; where women only will need just sweets and finger foods. The games also will be different if guys are invited, they prefer more active games. Women are okay with guessing games on paper. If you have a close knit group of people coming games will not even be necessary unless you want them, because they will socialize amongst each other and catch up on stuff they have missed.

Pick a place to have the baby shower. This can be a church hall, a park, someone’s house, or anywhere the mother-to-be wants to have it.

Prepare the invitation. This can be a video by email if you have everyone’s email. Or a handmade or bought invitation mailed. Be sure to have everyone R.S.V.P. and send the invitations out at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Buy the items you will need for the baby shower – the food and beverages; paper products (cups, napkins, and plates, plastic utensils if you need them); decorations; and party favors if you will be playing games.

Prepare for the party. Put up your decorations. Put out the food. Get everything ready for the games if you are playing some. Make sure you take care of everything before the guests arrive so that you can have fun too. Your job will also be to make sure that the mother-to-be is comfortable and has a place to open gifts where everyone can watch.