Things must to do Dad Helping Mom After The Baby Born

The pregnant lady conveys her infant for 40 weeks, developing and building a sound infant. Her body experiences a huge transformation, with numerous inconveniences. Be that as it may, toward the end, she gets the opportunity to experience 18-24 hours of dynamite agony and great physical effort, to get the prize…the child. This really is the prize, on the grounds that most new moms will instantly need to experience everything over once more, to realize that they can get their child whom they have all consuming, instant adoration like no other affection. Along these lines, it genuinely is a wonder that a human would get so much advantage and reward that they could withstand a definitive occasion of 40 weeks in addition to work and conveyance once more!

So then what? After the baby comes, it doesn’t stop here. This is where the endurance kicks in. Breast-feeding every 2 hours 24/7, exhaustion, hormonal changes, diapering, cleaning, cooking and everything else. After she spends time breast-feeding, her baby will go to sleep, and she will sit there and watch the baby sleep, only to miss her own time for rest, and then she has to get up and shower and go to the bathroom, only to have the baby want to eat again or be diapered!!!

Eventually moms will get the hang of it, but with her own body going through so much change and the fatigue from the birth itself can last a couple of weeks, unless she has had good prenatal and post partum care, of course.

So, how can dads help moms? Hopefully dads can take off at least 1-2 weeks to get mom recovered and the art of breast-feeding mastered. During this time, dads can make sure that all the shopping is done, and that the house is stocked. Hire a cleaning lady to come in at least 2 times a week, the first week to get things into shape. Dads can take care of the animals, and when mom breast-feeds, take the baby and burp the baby. Mom shouldn’t walk and carry the baby at the same time for at least 1-2 weeks as the pelvis is very unsteady due to the birth and the repositioning.

Help with holding the baby during mom’s showers, eating and personal care. In other words, just be there at her beck and call to help. Get her a glass of water or electrolyte drink, right when she starts to breast-feed the baby. Moms get so thirsty when they are breastfeeding.

Dads, don’t let mom cook the first 2 weeks. Hire a cook, get a relative, grandmother, someone to cook for both mom and dad. Soups are good as they are instant nutrition and very cleansing. Make sure mom has her supplements and get them all set up for her. These 2 weeks are for bonding for both mom and dad, and baby as a family and each other.

Dads can get right into the mix, and try to become more nurturing. Men are notorious hunters, and women nurture. But after the baby comes, just be there to help in any way you can. You will help mom to heal, baby will do better, and dads will be able to bond with baby and as a family.

Sometimes dads don’t know what to do with themselves, and feel they are left out. Dads need to get into the mix and answer the wishes of their wives by being their legs, their arms and their energy.